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Tesla Model Y Storage Accessories

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Product description
Product description

Tesla Model Y Storage Accessories

Transform the way you store your essentials while driving with our comprehensive range of Tesla Model Y Storage Accessories. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle’s aesthetics, these accessories not only enhance functionality but also maintain the sleek Tesla interior.

Armrest Privacy Storage Box for Tesla Model Y

Enhance the utility of your Tesla Model Y with our Armrest Privacy Storage Box. Designed to fit snugly within the central console, this sleek storage solution offers a hidden compartment for your valuables. Its easy-to-use design allows for quick access, while the secure latch ensures your items stay private and protected during your journey.


Central Control Front Storage Box for Tesla Model Y

Optimize your space with the Central Control Front Storage Box, a bespoke addition to your Tesla Model Y's front console area. Crafted for convenience, this storage box keeps your essentials within arm's reach. The streamlined design integrates flawlessly with your vehicle's interior, making it a must-have for organized drivers.

Central Control Rear Storage Box for Tesla Model Y

Our Central Control Rear Storage Box is the perfect accessory for Tesla Model Y owners who demand both form and function. Positioned within easy access of rear passengers, this storage box is ideal for holding small electronics, snacks, or travel necessities, ensuring a tidy and comfortable ride.

Tesla Model Y Cup Holder

Keep your drinks secure and your car spill-free with the Tesla Model Y Cup Holder. Engineered to fit perfectly into the existing cup holder slots, this accessory adds stability for various-sized beverages, ensuring they stay in place even on the bumpiest roads.

Model Y Trunk Side Storage Box

Maximize your trunk's functionality with the Model Y Trunk Side Storage Box. This custom-fitted box slots into the sides of your trunk, providing additional space for tools, emergency kits, or cleaning supplies. The durable construction ensures your items are neatly stored and easily accessible. 

 Rear Center Console Storage Box for Tesla Model Y

The Rear Center Console Storage Box is a sleek addition for Tesla Model Y owners who require extra storage. Positioned for the convenience of rear-seat passengers, this compartmentalized box is great for keeping the backseat environment organized and clutter-free. 

Tesla Model Y Under Seat Storage Box Drawer

We are introducing the innovative Under Seat Storage Box Drawer for the Tesla Model Y 2023/2024. This under-seat marvel acts as a discreet drawer, effortlessly sliding out to reveal a concealed storage space. Perfect for stowing away valuables or travel essentials, this drawer makes use of the oft-overlooked space beneath the seats, ensuring your cabin remains uncluttered and stylish. 

Under Seat Storage Solution Utilize hidden space with our under seat storage units, custom-fitted to slide beneath the Model Y's front seats. Crafted from durable materials, these compartments are perfect for keeping your belongings organized and out of sight, ensuring a clutter-free cabin.

Rear Storage Compartment Expand your cargo options with a tailored rear storage compartment. This addition fits snugly into the back of your Model Y, offering a secure space for larger items, while the soft interior lining protects against scratches.

Versatile Storage Bins Our set of Model Y storage bins are designed to fit into the various nooks within the vehicle, providing you with modular organization. These bins can be easily inserted and removed, allowing for flexible storage configurations depending on your needs.

Enhanced Storage Capacity With these accessories, you can significantly increase the Model Y's storage capacity. Each product is made to measure, ensuring that every inch of space is used efficiently without compromising passenger comfort.

Armrest Storage Compartment The armrest storage upgrade is a simple yet effective way to add more utility to your Model Y's cabin. It offers an enclosed space for small personal items, and its custom design means it fits perfectly within the existing center console.

Trunk Storage Bins and Organizer Boxes Keep your trunk meticulously organized with our trunk storage bins and organizer boxes. These accessories provide compartmentalized sections for groceries, gear, and tools, making sure everything has its place.

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